Overview of the Belgian Arbitration Procedure as of 2014

Jacques Malherbe recent publication (in English) :


“ […] Arbitration was briefly foreseen in the French Code of civil procedure of 1806 (Book III – Title « Of arbitrations »), applicable in Belgium. The Code was however restrictive : arbitration was considered a « free shooter » of justice (R. David). The Belgian law of 11 July 1972 adopted the Uniform Law annexed to the European Convention in matter of arbitration executed in Strasbourg on 20 January 1966. This Convention was ratified only by Belgium.

The Belgian law was modified by the law of 27 March 1985 and by the law of 19 May 1998. It was replaced by the law of 24 June 2013 which is inspired often literally by the Model Law on international commercial arbitration of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL, in French : CNUDCI) of 21 June 1985, modified in 2006.
Numerous countries have modified their law along the same lines. […] ”

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